Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

How far did the water go?

When a disaster strikes your offices make sure you call SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County to get you back as soon as possible. Water from a storm travels furt... READ MORE

Water damaged my home and my stuff!

Some of the first questions we are asked when we get to a water or fire loss is "What should I do about my personal belongings? Where am I going to store them ... READ MORE

What did the storm do?

When a storm water causes damage to your home, it can affect multiple areas and materials. In the pictures above, can you find the materials affected? Some are... READ MORE

Is there really very much water to dry?

We are asked this question frequently! YES! The water in the container is after just 12 hours of our dehumidifier being on site after a "small" roof leak from a... READ MORE

Do you have enough equipment for our issue?

SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County ALWAYS comes prepared- no matter how large or small your loss! We have the resources to get the job done and get you back t... READ MORE

Storms can cause all kinds of damage!

In South Mecklenburg County, we are no strangers to sudden storms! Even though we love our trees and thick canopy sometimes these storms wreak havoc on them and... READ MORE