Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

The Van You Want To See After a Disaster

When your home or business is in need of water or fire restoration, this is the van you want to head your way. Call SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg county for all of your water, fire, and storm restoration needs, and our green van will be at your home or business in no time.

Why Measuring Your Home is Important After a Loss

When a water loss occurs in your home or business, knowing the exact measurements of the area is essential to proper restoration. Knowing the size of the space helps our team determine the exact number of dehumidifiers, air movers, and other machines that should be placed in the room.

When our team measures rooms, we always use professional-grade lasers to get the most accurate readings as quickly as possible.

SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg is a big family!

We work, learn, laugh, support, encourage and EAT together!  We are family!  As you can see, we are taking an online class, working together to understand the material that is being covered so that when we arrive at your property, we are prepared to treat you like part of the SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg county family.  

Dry Mat can Save Floors

Your beautiful hardwood floors in your office building are soaking wet from a broken pipe, backed up AC unit, a leaky roof- you get the point.  Most property owner's first thought is that they are ruined! Don't lose hope! We have state of the art equipment that can save the floors- like we did in the picture above! Make sure you always call us as soon as you see water, our dry mat system can help save your floors. Our dry mat system can potentially save your floors in your business space if we are called in quickly soon after you discover the water!

Cute but Damaging

Oh! I could hug him, squeeze him, and love him so much, but that might not be the best idea! Squirrels are super cute disaster creators in your home! We have performed odor and biohazard mitigation that these cuties left behind once the squirrels were relocated to a safe location.

Can I just mop that up?

You are in the kitchen and hear your youngest child yelling that the toilet is overflowing! Oh no! You may think it will be fine if you get the water stopped and throw some towels on the wet area.  However, the water that has spilled out of the bowl is contaminated with feces and urine and has now contaminated the areas where it flowed.  SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County will come in and mitigate the affected areas so that is cleaned, dried, and safe for you and your family.  When dealing with sewage, we remove affected materials, clean and apply anti-microbial spray, and thoroughly dry all of the affected areas.  After all, it has to be clean if we are going to make it "Like it never even happened."

PPE protects our techs and our clients

At SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County, we put safety first! PPE- Personal Protective Equipment is utilized on all job sites. Our technicians wear masks, gloves, and booties (and some jobs require full suits and full face masks too!) to protect them while doing their mitigation and to protect you while they are in your home or business. 

SERVPRO Floor protector to protect your floors

Ok, we know this isn't the "red carpet treatment," but we think it may even be better! We go the extra step to prevent damage in your home.  An example would be this floor protector that our techs carefully placed on the hardwood floors.  They were then able to carry out debris and bring in equipment without tracking in debris and scratching the hardwood floors.  It is just one more way that SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County is committed to making it "Like it never even happened," for our wonderful clients!

State of the Art Equipment

SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County technicians use the latest (and greatest) equipment to ensure we get your property back to normal as soon as possible.